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Where it all began

I am Krishi, the founder of the Krishi Dancing team. When I was a child and saw professional dancing acts my legs started to move already. I was shaking to each sound I would hear at that time. After school, I successfully passed a professional dancing education and developed the idea of performing Sri Lankan arts for living. What shall I say, my idea became reality some years ago in a studio next to the city centre of Uragaha.

I love to dance with my team, but also love to share all my abilities within classes and workshops. I teach school children to develop their Sri Lankan arts. I develop performances for and with different groups of people who would like to take part in competitions. I support TV teams to set-up interesting performances for their shows and events. If you feel the same and you are interested in the beauty of performing arts you are very welcome to join my groups, book lessons or our team for your special occasion.

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